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You changed my imperfect existence to a perfect one and made my imperfect world to become a perfect world. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); My love for you, darling wife… Happy Birthday. I will love you until the day the sun stops rising from the east. You are the reason that I smile during the happy times. Happy Birthday, my love. Happy birthday. Have a fabulous birthday, sweet darling. Happy Birthday, I love you. Happy 50th birthday to the only woman capable of filing my heart with joy and putting a smile on my face. Starting from today I’m going to spend the rest of our lives looking after you, as much as you have looked after us these past years. I will place 30 hot kisses on your lips to celebrate your 30th birthday. I love you always and forever. I love you. I love you! I can’t imagine it any other way. Distance means so little when someone means so much. Today is all about you, my lovely wife. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife! Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife. The love you give me has true happiness in it. The Queen of my heart is 40 today. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. Babe, thank you for making my soul the happiest in the universe. Happy birthday, sweetie. You are a wonderful wife and my best friend. From the very first time that I set my eyes on you, I knew deep within my heart that you were the right life partner for me. My darling wife, never let anything stop you from believing in yourself and your dreams. …and just so you know, I knew it was your birthday even before I saw it on Facebook. Today is the one day out of the year where I thank God for my mother-in-law. Without you everything seems so dull and boring. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday, my ravishing love! Sweet Words They’d Like to Hear : Happy Birthday, Baby! The greatest thing I did with my life was to share it with you. He/She could be the son or daughter of one of your parent’s siblings. I was weak, unhappy and helpless until you came into my life and transformed me into the happiest and strongest man in the world. Sweetheart, as far as my universe is concerned, there is none other that is greater than you. As the year progresses, we both have grown up together. “My connection with you is undeniable, my love for you is unbelievable, my bond with you is unbreakable. You are indeed a perfect wife. Happy Birthday to the one and only love of my life! …and just so you know, I knew it was your birthday even before I saw it on Facebook. I love you so much. Our children get their adorable looks from you and their immense stubbornness from me, what great politicians they will make! As we celebrate your birthday, I pray to the almighty God to bless you on this special day and give you strength and success in the rest of your life. And you’re doing it so gracefully. I can’t wait to see you glowing at your birthday party tonight. My dear wife, you’ve been there for me through thick and thin. Do I have any vacation or sick days left? May the odds forever be in your favor. The celebration of a birthday often carries too much clout, although you would believe that formalities are hard to find in a personal relationship or in a marriage. } Here we have good collection of Cute Birthday Wishes For Brother. Good Morning Quotes for your Wife | GM, love! Happy Birthday, Love! You have circled our Sun again and it’s your Birthday! The sweetest sentiment cannot convey what you mean to me. I love you so much darling. Thank you for being such a blessing and company to my life. What present surprise can ever equal the past, present and future gifts you have bequeathed upon me, Happy Birthday sweet. I love you. Happy birthday. Tags: familyfunnyHappy Birthdaymarriagepoemsromanticsweetwife, © Birthday Wishes Expert All Rights Reserved, Huge List of Funny Birthday Messages and Wishes, My Most Precious Feelings | Unique Romantic Birthday Wishes for my Love, Birthday Wishes for my Mother-in-law and my Father-in-law, Best Mom in the World | Birthday Wishes for your Mother, Happy Birthday, Kid! I live in happy world simply because of you, my precious wife. You don’t look a day over…26…22..er…19..?? Thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ and coming along with me on this wild ride called life. I will adore you all the days of my life because you are my everyday sunshine and my only source of joy. Your love is the water that quenches my thirst. I love you so much that I will gladly sacrifice my happiness just to put a smile on your face. I would walk a thousand hours just to see your face light with a smile because you are the reason my heart beats. I hereby swear to no longer take my iPhone into the bathroom. Happy birthday. On this special day, I celebrate my number one source of motivation in life and I thank her very much for her wonderful prayers for me to be a better person in life. I know that I often don’t say this, but you are the most precious thing that exists in my life. Happy birthday, my angel. Happy Birthday, love & kissez. I love you so much that words cannot express it. May you find joy in this day as you have brought so much joy to my life. There are only 2 absolutes in this world: Chuck Norris is the biggest badass in Hollywood and my love for you is infinite. Dinner, laundry and cleaning will be taken care of…put your feet up and enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy 30th birthday. Happy Birthday, the girl of my dreams. Happy birthday, dear. Happy Birthday – It’s your day for dreams to come true. Money can buy expensive cars, luxury homes, lavish holidays and a lifestyle fit for royals. var _g1; You’re my greatest gift in life, and I shall forever love, cherish and protect you. Growing old is most becoming to you, my dear. I love you. I must be a knight in shining armor because you are a beautiful princess in a fairy tale. I celebrate your birth on every day. My beloved cousin, we are together since our childhood and I don’t know a more wonderful, kind, and compassionate person. Every year your birthday comes and goes, but your love will forever remain in my heart.

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