vegan sweet potato sandwich

I hope you enjoy it! Sweet potatoes are my latest obsession! Love sweet potatoes. Spread the tzatziki sauce on a whole wheat toast slice, add roasted sweet potato rounds and fresh greens and top with another toast slice. I would give this recipe ten stars if I could! Add coconut oil, a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and toss to combine. I simply add a little bit of coconut oil, some salt, and freshly ground black pepper and roast them for 15-20 minutes in the oven. The weirdest part? It worked and its delicious. It’s the end of March and I’m still craving hot oatmeal, soups, warm sandwiches. I made the “chipotle roasted sweet potatoe-black bean tostadas” last week. Some are also choosing this way of life due to the impact of a meat-based diet on our planet. The bright orange color (sometimes purple) is a sign of the beta-Carotene it contains. I like eating. Repeat this step for the red bell peppers and leave to cool; Grab a slice of bread and add all of … Sign up for email updates and receive a free copy of my veggie burger e-book! It looks yummy. This sandwich called for a sauce, and there’s nothing easier than making vegan tzatziki. I love creating vegan recipes with bold flavors! Print. I love this sweet potato sandwich because it’s full of vegetables, protein, and greens, it’s easy to take with me, and can be eaten hot or cold. I really like the smoky thing with the cilantro lime mayo I’ve got going on, but with a combination as good as roasted sweet potatoes and cashew cream, it’d probably be pretty hard to go wrong. This smooth and luscious spread makes a great appetizer. My kids devoured them! Can you share with me how to do that? Preheat the oven at 180°C/356°F. Stir sriracha, maple syrup, lime juice, olive oil and liquid smoke together in small bowl. Filed Under: Entrees, Sandwiches Tagged With: cashews, cilantro, club, lime, sandwich, sweet potato, vegan, vegetarian. Drizzle with reserved sriracha mixture. I did something weird. Vegan Balsamic Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The roasted sweet potatoes and balsamic reduction are perfectly balanced out by the salty cheese and slightly bitter greens. This Sweet Potato Pastrami Reuben Sandwich recipe is a vegan revelation! Sweet Potato Sandwich I’ve got lots of good breakfast and dinner recipes, but I always have trouble finding lunch options that are both portable and filling. Store in an airtight container the freezer for use at a later date, or keep it in the fridge for up to a week. There’s cold weather food, hot weather food, and then there’s this sandwich. I call this a club, and originally I did intend for it to be a bit more clubby, with some type of tempeh or coconut bacon or the like. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the Remove from oven and sprinkle lightly with salt. Yield: 2 cups. This vegan tzatziki is made out of soaked seeds, lemon, cucumber and parsley and it’s simply delicious. I was in the middle of a three-hour drive, smack dab in the wheat lands of … All on a homemade bun. Simmering causes the loss of potassium into the boiling water, and it’s not a recommended cooking method unless you’re making a soup. You might not think these would fit into a sandwich, but the roasted sweet potato rounds I made for a salad the evening before were the only thing I had available, so I had to give it a try. This recipe has only a few steps. Grab a small bowl and add the cooked sweet potato (peeled). Others have become vegans because of their love for animals. Preheat oven to 350°. I am totally in love with its taste, and I use it in almost everything –from smoothies and juices, to salads and curries. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the sweet potato rounds on the baking sheet. Wow! Sweet potatoes not only contain high amounts of beta-Carotene, but also antocyanin antioxidants. Your email address will not be published. Toppling usually means there’s plenty of stuff in your sandwich, as there was here. Have fun! It was a Hawiian Chicken Sandwich with marinated and grilled chicken, sweet sweet … I love the idea of sweet potato in a sandwich, must give this one a try! 4. Glad you enjoyed the tostadas! Really weird. Pinned! I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. I can’t complain about the residual winter weather (I like it), but consistency would be nice. That turned out to be totally unnecessary. 1 small sweet potato, peeled and cut into 3 slices about 2 inches thick 1 Tbsp. For a … Nancy Andres, Thanks Nancy! And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food. These lower the potential health risk from heavy metal accumulation (like mercury, cadmium or arsenic) and are a great help against the process of oxidation from free radicals. If you are a vegan looking for meal ideas for work, school, or a picnic, the sandwiches in this post may … Some are on this path to improve their health. Ingredients. I'm a former attorney turned professional food blogger. I know what you mean about the weather. This is a super-fast recipe that satisfies my craving for summer barbecue. Found in high quantities in sweet potatoes, potassium helps the body’s cells to keep sodium levels where they should be, an important factor to consider when detoxing the body. Restorative Cucumber, Lemon and Parsley Drink for Bedtime, Hydrating (And Refreshing) Watermelon Water, The Ultimate Antioxidant Smoothie for Vibrant Health, Honey Ginger Turmeric Latte to Wake You Up Naturally, Avocado and Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowl (Vegetarian, Vegan), Fresh greens, whole wheat toast, to assemble. I’d love to be able to pin on the Vegan Community Board. Its fresh, has a zing to it, and comes with a creamy texture! You can use it for assembling veggie sandwiches and burgers, or as salad dressing. A lot of people are embracing veganism for a variety of reasons. Also, those stacked sandwich halves in the photos toppled over about a half dozen times. One sweet potato made two large sandwiches. Take it on a picnic so they cool down when it’s warm out. Thanks! Today I wanted to make a quick but nourishing sandwich to go, but I didn’t have too many ingredients in my fridge. Nancy Andres @ says, Wonderful sounding recipe that I saw on the vegan community board of Pinterest and pinned. Rating: 4. LAST UPDATED: September 18, 2017 • FIRST PUBLISHED: March 25, 2015. On the other hand, it’s a club sandwich. I always have soaked seeds in my kitchen because I use them for preparing vegan milks and for snacking. Bake 15 minutes. Thanks Maria! Serving Size: 1/4 cup. Arrange sweet potato slabs on baking sheet and brush with about 1/4 of sriracha mixture. Total Time: 5 minutes. You can read more about me here. I took sweet potatoes and made them into pastrami. Roasting is my favorite cooking method because I love the sweet taste and moist texture of sweet potatoes cooked this way. On the one hand, it’s got big juicy slabs of sweet potatoes that you can eat while they’re still hot from the oven. :), Your email address will not be published. Great recipe! Season with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste and use a fork to mash it until smooth. And the whole wheat bread, zingy vegan tzatziki and greens made the perfect pairing! I kept this one super simple. Hi, I'm Alissa! This sandwich has an incredible sweet n’ salty flavor! While sweet potato slices roast, place all ingredients into food processor bowl and blend until smooth, scraping down sides of bowl as needed. Oooh, this looks good! soy mayonnaise (try Vegenaise) 4 slices whole wheat bread 4 red onion slices 1/2 small avocado, peeled, pitted, and sliced 4 tomato slices Salt and pepper, to taste 1/4 cup shredded vegan Monterey Jack cheese (try Follow Your Heart brand) The recipe for this vegan sweet potato spread is inspired by a recipe from ... I’ve used leftover sweet potato spread (when there are any leftovers) on sandwiches and in quesadillas with black beans and cheddar cheese. Slather bread slices with cilantro lime mayo and stuff with sweet potato slabs, lettuce leaves and tomato slices. There was a sandwich. Yumm…I’m excited to try these. scrubbed and sliced into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick slabs, soaked in water 4-8 hours, rinsed and drained. She’s great and seems to love adding new pinners. The first step is to bake a few sweet potatoes.

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