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US Shipping Only. 2020 est l’année du Commander, et les tout nouveaux decks de cette année viennent de nous être révélés ! Maybe next year they'll put better lands in. It’s a cycling land that wasn’t already in the deck. Portal Mage is another great card for a combat-focused deck, but it’s an easy off-theme cut. Check out Angelo’s article on edhrec.com to see the other FOUR preview cards from the Jeskai Cycling deck! He's been writing about Commander since 2012 and enjoys building casual, fun decks to play with friends after long days at tournaments. EDHREC relies on ads to pay server costs and fund new features. This deck seems really strong already just out of the box. Badge Pricelist Foil Badge Pricelist Booster Pricelist Background Viewer Background Toplist. Maybe [[Favorable Winds]] as an easy upgrade? They did similar ones last year too. I've got my playset from years ago, but I was surprised they did nothing with the similar artifacts for morph and flashback lasty year so I didn't exactly have high hopes. ADVERTISEMENT. He's super cheap now specifically because he was printed last year. Community Spotlight, Bienvenue dans la Tour de Commandement ! TEAM. Yidaro takes this to an extreme by shuffling back into your deck to be theoretically drawn later. Also glad they did arcane signets. The finite number of EDH legal cards (@scryfall f:edh lists over 19,000 cards that are legal in Commander, and if you're not using Firefox and a custom Scryfall search engine, you really ought to try it, as it's a massive quality of life improvement). I'm in love with this mechanic. https://edhrec.com/precon Follow the cast on Twitter: @EDHRECast […], #arcane maelstrom, #commander 2020, #EDHRECast, #Enhanced Evolution, #Gavi nest warden, #ikoria commander, #ikoria lair of behemoths, #jirina kudro, #Kalamax the stormsire, #kathril aspect warper, #otrimi the ever-playful, #ruthless regiment, #symbiotic swarm, #timeless wisdom Read More », April 25, 2020 by Descend Upon the Sinful is a reasonable addition to this theme deck – the ease of getting delirium when you’re cycling so much is not lost on me, and exiling creatures is great, but I prefer a more versatile sweeper. This deck plays 23 creatures to start with, so cutting six is significant. Another set of duals that you’ll want in your arsenal for the rest of your life – might as well spend on them now. As we go on, I’ll list the prices of cards I intend to add to the deck in order to show you how I kept the budget under $50. This week, I’m starting the process with the Timeless Wisdom deck featuring Gavi, Nest Warden. She wants us to cycle cards on our opponents’ turns, for free, and then do it again to make Cat Dinosaur tokens! Glacial Fortress ($5.99), Sulfur Falls ($3.25), Clifftop Retreat ($4.59). With so much focus on 1-for-1 with cycling, I don’t see this as a Windfall deck. I thought for sure Nahiri was going to be in this deck. Chandra, Flamecaller is a decent draw engine, but I’ve got what I think is a better one. Commander 2020 Deck - Timeless Wisdom from Commander 2020 for This is a budget article, right? Fanatic of Mogis is basically red's Grey Merchant, if you want to end the game with Astral Slide, but I'd be inclined personally to adding Glint-Horn Buccaneer (for redundancy with Brallin), a couple extra wheels and a restock effect or two. Gavi’s discount on cycling makes it easy to use Astral Slide to keep Gavi from dying repeatedly. Makes me disappointed that the sultai deck didn't see a similar reprint of value. The mana base is full of cycling lands – there are eleven in the original list – so I wanted to increase dual land density, and cutting down on basics seemed the most sensible way to do that. Today on the cast, we’re looking over the changes players have made to their new precons, and suggests some extra cards to add or remove to help take the decks to the next level! Seems to me that a way to close out the game is to go wide. Locust God, Windfall, the most rocks thusfar, Sun Titan synergy with cycling stuff. Hopefully this inspires you to try out fun stuff with your Commander 2020 decks, and don’t forget – there are four more precons to go, so I’ll be continuing this series! #agitator ant, #akim the soaring wind, #brallin skyshark rider, #C20, #commander 2020, #cryptic trilobite, #crystalline resonance, #cycling, #dismantling wave, #ethereal forager, #fierce guardianship, #Gavi nest warden, #herald of the forgotten, #jeskai, #martial impetus, #ominous seas, #psychic impetus, #reconnaissance mission, #savai thundermane, #shabraz the skyshark, #shiny impetus, #spellpyre phoenix, #surly badgersaur, #timeless wisdom, #valiant rescuer, #zenith flare Read More », April 10, 2020 by To make sure I have a cohesive theme, I stick with the Commander that you see on the front of the box for the deck and use that to guide my choices. I have never been so attracted to something so potentially meta. At nearly $6, Shark Typhoon accounts for a large amount of the budget, and that’s in no small part due to its impact in Standard, but it’s well worth the pickup if you’re planning to play any spell-heavy deck. Deck List. So far, we’ve spent $13.86, with quite a lot of our budget remaining. Community Spotlight, We’re so ex-cycle-ted to share our free preview cards from Wizards of the Coast for the upcoming Ikoria Commander product! Set up Tectonic Reformation and New Perspectives, then burn the table out by repeatedly cycling through your deck. The theme is already well represented in the deck, but I have some ways to augment it. You could play [[Kykar, Wind's Fury]] with some tweaking. You may have seen a lot of the new cards as they were previewed but now you get […], #akim the soaring wind, #brallin skyshark rider, #commander 2020, #Gavi nest warden, #shabraz the skyshark, #the command zone, #timeless wisdom Read More », April 5, 2020 by Isperia, Supreme Judge is one of those cards that I like in the abstract but never really serves me well – maybe I’m undervaluing it, but it’s too passive for me. I couldn’t fit all three Temples in this list, but if you end up with a Temple of Epiphany, slot it in here as well. Modifying preconstructed decks is a great way to get started in Commander or help determine (or reset) a group’s power level expectations as you try to figure out what’s fun for everyone in your playgroup. Not everything has cycling. Which cards will become the most popular? Recruit an army of Humans, swing for big attacks, and maintain a powerful presence on the battlefield. I’ll leave you with the final decklist – see you next time. Well, I had some wiggle room in the budget, as it happens, and this cards is absolutely phenomenal in a cycling deck. Kinda wish they gave it to the sultai deck but I’m not buying. Jeskai Cycling? The reprint of [[fluxuator]] and the signets is quite noteworthy. Hopefully this inspires you to try out fun stuff with your. ), In total, I’ve now spent $49.53, leaving a solid 47 cents for you to deposit in your Animal Crossing savings account before you time travel to buy turnips in the year 2820 with the compound interest. Obviously I’m pulling those prices from this very website, ChannelFireball.com, as I write. Which cards synergize with them? I recognize that $50 means a different amount to everyone – for some it’s a little, for some it’s a lot – but given its proximity to the cost of the decks, I find it’s a pretty good amount. TOOLS. You could make [[The Locust God]] if you take out the white cards itself. Angry Goad Ants?!?!? BADGE PRICELIST. Which ones will be overplayed? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/timeless-wisdom-2020-04-06, https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/full-commander-2020-decklists. The only thing I'm a bit surprised with is that this one had Chandra instead of Nahiri. I’ve had a few people message me to ask when my Budget Precon Upgrades series would be coming for the Commander 2020 decks. Deck List. I concur. Desolate Lighthouse solves that in a roundabout way by providing some extra looting when mana is available. (100 cards, 88 distinct) - Fierce Guardianship, Arcane Signet, The Locust God, Sol Ring, Reliquary Tower, Windfall, Ethereal Forager Louisgacke's Timeless Wisdom - Deckbox Home

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