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It follows a five-month Charmat Method. The one exception to that rule? And as you already know, bubbles pair with everything. It doesn't make the wine sweet it simply puts it in line with the acidity and makes a smoother wine. But it's DOCG Prosecco that really shines. - [Vincent] As we toured the castle you can't help but feel transported back in time, a time when life was harder, when you lived and died by the sword, when simple mundane tasks like providing food and water and security, things that we take for granted, took up most of your time. - They go under there. - [Vincent] Oh yeah, right away beautiful like stone fruit character. - [Vincent] But have you had a Spritz in Italy? Of course, it is delicious on salads. - It started because people were leaving from the mainland to find a safe place. Today, this premium sparkling wine has overtaken Champagne in global sales.The name Prosecco is derived from the Italian village of Prosecco in the beautiful area of Trieste. Most are sturdy, a little sweet and offer refreshment and pairing possibilities throughout the year. - Do you wanna try some of these wines? - Next in line we are going to taste the Cuvee del Fondatore made with 90% Glera and 10% Oak Chardonnay. One was a doctor and one was a lawyer, one was a farmer and another one was sales people like startup they say. - [Vincent] How long have you been working on this cellar? And if your kitchen is old school, there is no shame in red wine, white wine and white vinegar being the only things in the house. It's an original well. One of my favorites is a white balsamic infused with oregano, which I pair with an olive oil that has Sicilian green lemon oil added for a two-ingredient vinaigrette that will knock your socks off. - This is called Cafe liscio, which means smooth. But the difference is that in still wines the CO2 is allowed to evaporate up into the air in open vats. We pair 4 of our different Proseccos’ with a traditional 4-course Italian meal, and then head down to one of the most mind-blowing wine cellars I’ve ever seen! Find out why Prosecco is the most popular sparkling wine in the world on our first international episode of V is for Vino! - Welcome to the land of Prosecco. Other fruit vinegars are great for salads, and I love a fig or black cherry vinegar drizzled over fruit or cheeses. is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. The seasoned rice wine vinegar flavor pairs well with Asian cooking, though that is a well-known fact. - Okay. - [Matteo] This is a three-months Charmat Method. Unlike Champagne which uses the Champagne Method, Prosecco uses something called the Charmat Method to make its bubbles which we're gonna talk about later. Yes. - And florals as well, like you said, white and purple florals. I mean, if you're into a fuller bodied chardonnay or perhaps if you're into a bigger style of Champagne this is the Prosecco that I think would be right up your alley. Valdo. Red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, and distilled white vinegar. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. In the worst place I put the French white. Light and bubbly, most people are probably familiar with using it to make Bellini cocktail. You can see that because Prosecco is a whole world full of different nuances and I'm very glad that we can go through the different styles and expressions. - Next in line is our Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza. We take complicated wine topics and make them simple. So before our post dinner digestif she gave us a tour. It was up until 2009. Calivinegar Prosecco White Wine Vinegar - 250 ML, Buy 12 - 1000 I interact with you and have new posts all the time so go right now and give a quick follow so we can stay in touch, cheers. - [Matteo] The traditional method. The best thing about Prosecco, it can be drank throughout the entire meal and no one knows this better than our restaurant which has been a local staple for 120 years. For those of us with that hankering for flavors that set the tongue tingling, it is a great and glorious time for vinegars.

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