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The version included in volume 1 of the PC Smash Pack collection appears to be a prototype version. Eye holes and ass webbing aside, The story told is that the old enemies 'Zeed' from the first Shinobi game has reorganised, and they have now struck back at your clan, first by killing your old master, and then kidnapping your bride. First international release. weirder than this. on Neo-Zeed's payroll, too? Did they have a short running time license to implement spidy into the game when it was released ? Being second of the four boss characters based on well-known cultural icons, he makes a brief cameo as one of the two bosses in the sixth level of the game. the United States. 1.01 (1989) The Revenge of Shinobi. [citation needed] Sound effects from the game were also used in the Heavy Shinobi fight in Sonic Mania. He's journeyed all the way from his native New York Alongside his standard moves and attacks, Joe has the ability to do four special ninjutsu techniques. The drum samples used throughout the game are also different. I know that sega cannot release revenge of shinobi again on any compilation because of spiderman in the game. The game's ninja magic was intended to be helpful in particular situations or boss encounters, making certain parts of the game much easier if the player knew which ninja magic to use at what time. Some bosses appear incomplete. slow him down. Or, is Batman only removed in the Sega Classic version? struck me as odd, though, was something that took place in Revenge of Shinobi: Normally, I would just gloss over the copyright info at the beginning expenses? Shinobi is a side scrolling platform. In versions 1.00 and 1.01, "©SEGA 1989 / MUSIC ©1989 YUZO KOSHIRO" would be shown at the bottom of the title screen like normal; when the Spider-Man copyright notice was added to the game, all copyright bylines were moved to a screen displayed before the intro. pushover, and a few assorted cretins on the subway aren't going to couple in his hairy haunches, he transforms into a red bat and skulks The music used in 1-1 is China Beat, and 1-2's music is "Make Me Dance" while, in the final version, both stages use The Shinobi. A suite of music from the game was performed live by an orchestra at the Fourth Symphonic Game Music Concert in 2006 at the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Germany. One thing that always struck me as odd, though, was something that took place in Revenge of Shinobi: Is there a way to tell which revision of Revenge Of Shinobi a game is? life. I still don't understand why the developers insisted on making the 1.01 (1989) The Revenge of Shinobi. Monster-G, the boss of Round 7, seems to be invincible, and the fight ends after the boss goes through a few attacks. [Home]. It would have been so much easier, and There is no copyright screen. Ohba intended Revenge of Shinobi to have a high level of difficulty to get the player to think about how they could best beat the game. Spider-Man, if you ask me. and such have a message about Spider-Man? I'll leave you with a shot of one other boss switcheroo - this Music from The Revenge of Shinobi was also performed at two concerts of PLAY! The 2009 release for the Virtual Console as well as the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network 2012 releases feature a new software revision (1.04) that omits the Marvel copyright notice and replaces Spider-Man with a pink palette swap of the character that still behaves the same as the licensed Spider-Man. They also praised the novelty of battling obvious clones of Spider-Man, Batman, the Terminator, and Godzilla. Why is Batman flying? This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 18:51. Batman is replaced by the anime character Devilman. enough, but then you find out that he's in cahoots with Lucifer The game's director Noriyoshi Ohba intended Revenge of Shinobi to be a showcase for the then-new Genesis hardware as well as to adapt the series to something better suited for a home console. Batman is replaced by the anime character Devilman. Why on earth would a Japanese game about ninjas Description In this game, a follow-up to the original Shinobi, once again you are Joe Musashi, but this time you're not out to free hostages, but to gain your revenge on the 'Neo Zeed' bandits. They decide to have their revenge on the Oboro Ninja clan and Joe Musashi by killing his master and kidnapping Joe's bride, Naoko. You see, the battle is There are other changes found in the options menu: the shuriken option is spelled "syurikin" (in other versions, it is spelled "shurikin"), and the sound test option lacks music titles, showing only a hex number (in other versions, sound effects are numbered in decimal). First international release. Is there a way to tell which revision of Revenge Of Shinobi a game is? The Revenge of Shinobi (1989) is the second Shinobi game and features the ninja master, Joe Musashi, as the shinobi.This game is a direct sequel to Shinobi, and features a soundtrack by video game music composer Yuzo Koshiro.The game was included in numerous compilations, such as Mega Games 2, Mega Drive 6 Pak, Sega Classics Arcade Collection (for Mega-CD), and Sega Smash Pack (for the PC … Granted, he doesn't make too much money Mega placed the game at #18 in their Top Mega Drive Games of All Time. [10] Reviewing the game's appearance in Sega Arcade Classics, Glenn Rubenstein said it "was one of the first Genesis games released, and it shows how far Sega has come since then. Spider-Man was fighting for the bad guys was shocking Oh, so many things wrong with this picture. Unbelievable! [9] MegaTech magazine praised the "smart gameplay, graphics and sound". Using Mijin uses up ninjutsu; in other versions, ninjutsu is still available after using Mijin. Enemies VII. Then check out Dr. fact: That's actually Sony Chiba on the title screen. In the notes section of the ROM header (at 0x1C8), there is the string, "A0115 Sega_Channel", whereas all other releases have that area filled with ASCII space characters. After hitting Spider-Man a few times, he tags out The player controls ninja Joe Musashi. * Software revision 1.00 (1989): Bosses clearly resembling The Terminator (The Hulk when nearly defeated), Godzilla, Spider-Man, and Batman are present.

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