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So, how can you differentiate your brand, engage online shoppers, and ultimately turn them into buyers? To learn more, get in touch with our experts. Personalization; it’s probably one of the most important design trends to emerge in recent years. If that’s not enough to convince you, check out these statistics: Need real-life proof? Note: There are fully-managed personalization solutions available on the market, such as Yieldify. All in all, it is imperative you adjust your strategy according to your results. APIs are the connective tissue that enable personalization solutions—such as cloud technologies and modern tech stacks—to work together. When you’re in an online store, do you like receiving relevant product recommendations or are you OK with being offered 25% off all steaks when in fact you’re a vegetarian? Brainstorm a future state experience with the above groups and key stakeholders from your IT and analytics groups. Once you’re done with segmenting your target audience, you can start brainstorming campaign ideas and formats. As the organization launches into designing the new experience, it can’t be done in a silo. Personalization roadmap. This information will give you deep insights of your customer base. A scalable personalization strategy helps grocery brands increase their total sales by 1 to 2%. There are, however, best practices that you can follow that will make the design and setup of your personalization campaigns easier. Your overall strategy will include a number of different campaigns all tailored to influence specific KPIs and bring you closer to achieving agreed objectives. The “AI Effect” asserts that as AI technology becomes a larger part of consumers’ daily lives, it becomes less conspicuous. You can then leverage that insight to personalize customer X’s shopping experience by recommending gluten-free products, recipes, sports equipment, etc. Learn how to create a foolproof personalization strategy for eCommerce with our 5-step personalization roadmap. Complete Guide to a Scalable eCommerce Personalization Strategy. To start segmenting your audience, you can use these parameters: Depending on where you are on the personalization maturity curve, your market segmentation is going to vary in complexity. On the other hand, if you have a time-bound promotion running, that same sticky bar can be enriched with a countdown timer to instill urgency. This will help you to pitch your services and products to your audience with a greater deal of personalization. To gain insights into the target market, consider using these resources: As mentioned earlier, customers are more willing to share their data in exchange for benefits like hyper-relevant content, exclusive deals, special product recommendations, and better UX. It’s about creating a meaningful experience that is super relevant to the shoppers’ needs in a given moment, anticipates their wants in the future, and overall reflects their values and behaviors. The progress bar is an interactive way to nudge customers towards higher-value purchases by showing what they’ll get in return. For marketers, however, this fact is at the forefront. Here’s a quick breakdown: Here is a formula to help you quickly determine goals, objectives, and KPIs for your strategy: Based on [INSIGHT], I will [OBJECTIVE] as measured by [KPI] to achieve [GOAL]. Check out Sephora’s success story in creating a personalized omnichannel experience for loyal customers. One way for companies to quickly and easily achieve digital experience personalization is through API enablement. Today, thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, voice assistants and big data, the possibilities and the expectations for digital experience personalization are ever-increasing. Copyright 2020 eSoft Technologies. Two things. By implementing a personalization strategy, brands can enhance the online customer journey, turn visitors into loyal customers, and achieve financial business goals. One study found that 60 percent of consumers think AI can reduce the time it takes to get answers and assistance, while still offering a highly personalized experience. Today, the increasing rate of competition has made it incredibly difficult for businesses to establish their presence in the realm of online space. Additionally, you can establish internal links by implementing on-page diagnostics and recommendations. Alas, McKinsey research indicates that only 15% of retailers have successfully implemented personalization strategies. Create the Ultimate Digital Experience through Smart Personalization. Use them to pressure test the personalization strategy and identify the key metrics that will provide a baseline and key measurements of success.

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